Juju Hat - Sweet Cream

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  • Color: Sweet Cream (Varies from Natural White to Cream)
  • Large size approximately 28-31" 
  • Traditional African Juju Hat handmade by local artisan in Cameroon
  • Created from large feathers hand sewn into a raffia base
  • Each juju hat is handmade and no two are the same

It was love at first sight – we needed to learn the history of these exquisite headdresses that we could already see hanging just as easily above our beds, fireplaces, bathrooms, hallways...the list went on...

We contacted an artisan in Cameroon who told us about the rich history of the Bamileke tribes of Cameroon, how each headdress takes 2-3 days to hand sew and how they symbolize prosperity and wealth. We were moved by learning about the positive impact that this design trend has had on creating jobs and wealth throughout the community in Cameroon. Many beautiful colors available.

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