28 oz Aloha Orchid Mercury Oversized Jar

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Warning: Mercury Iridescent is stunning – your breath may be taken away. CB’s spin on a timeless finish is certain to break a few hearts. Paired with the unmistakably floral scent of Aloha Orchid this candle will fill your space with notes of orchid, jasmine, gardenia and floral musk. Bring home this elegant, eye-catching jar and watch it elevate your space.

  • Burn Time: up to 80 hours
  • Dimensions: 4.25"H x 5.25"D
  • Weight: 28 oz

The bigger, the better. Just a little more CB to love with our Oversized jars, now available with an iridescent mercury finish. Each stunning candle is topped with an elegant champagne gold lid, the perfect accessory for any space.

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